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Efficiency Maine_logo.jpgWorking together, EMC and Efficiency Maine, identified program options and incentive opportunities for an EMC customer.  The result: A project that exceeded the customer's cost savings expectations and met key energy savings goals for Efficiency Maine.


A Strong Partner

Established in 2002, Efficiency Maine is a statewide program with goals to save energy, reduce energy costs, help the environment and promote sustainable economic development in the state of Maine.  The Efficiency Maine program is funded through a system benefit charge.  Oversight of this program is provided by The Efficiency Maine Trust.  Engineering support team ensure compliance, and an ongoing focus on program goals.  They also provide support to all customers in the region with the tools needed to succeed in their energy efficiency initiatives.

The program’s success has been significant with economic benefits of approximately $400 million and avoided emissions of two million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Laying Foundation

EMC began working with Efficiency Maine team members in 2009, laying foundation for initiatives that were anticipated in 2010.  In an effort to eliminate potential confusion when our shared customer was ready to move ahead with projects, EMC worked together with Efficiency Maine staff to review and address questions and concerns ahead of time.  

EMC’s task initially was to ensure a clear understanding of the value proposition presented by the project scope, the product mix and its ability to meet program goals.  EMC also presented the opportunity for multiple properties to be converted if the program value could meet payback goals for the customer.  Mike Wacker, Efficiency Maine Project Engineer, reviewed materials provided by EMC.  He stated, “The clear and comprehensive project information provided by EMC made the job of assessing the opportunity go very smoothly.”

Collaborating for Success

Mike and the rest of the Efficiency Maine team collaborated with EMC on behalf of our common customer to drive results that would be meaningful for all parties. 

Mike also provided insights to additional opportunities that might exist as well as challenges we could expect to face through the process.  EMC coordinated a customer meeting that allowed all parties to discuss the program needs and benefits.  From that meeting Mike was able to take the materials that had been produced by EMC forward for review and award.

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Ultimately, a coordinated effort by EMC and Efficiency Maine  clarified elements of the opportunity for the customer and resulted in a solution that allowed the customer to realize its goals while satisfying program goals set forth by Efficiency Maine.  The projects removed over 500,000 kWh and 100 kW from the grid, and have provided a better lighting solution for each of the customer’s retail outlets.

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