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Jacobson Companies larger.jpgEMC's ability to assist Jacobson Companies in their effort to identify the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions ensured initial and long term success for their lighting conversion projects.


Identifying Priorities Ensures Success

Jacobson Companies, located in Des Moines, IA, is an innovative supply chain solutions provider.  They have been in business since 1968 and have expanded their operations into 35 states and over 35 million square feet of warehouse space with nearly 7000 employees.

Beginning the Process

Many of Jacobson’s facilities were in need of lighting upgrades.  And, as the company grew and acquired more bases of operation, that need only increased.  With operational costs skyrocketing, lighting upgrades provided the most significant opportunity to reduce those costs.

EMC began working with Jacobson Companies in 2006.  A review of facilities suggested that the replacement of existing metal halide fixtures with new, energy efficient, fluorescent fixtures would be the best solution.  EMC also worked with Jacobson to prioritize sites based on their potential payback.  Some sites made use of skylights and provided the opportunity to employ both motion and photocell sensors.

Managing Capital Investment

EMC understood that the capital investment would not be easy for the company to justify, but that a demonstrated energy savings project would help fuel the internal discussions and priorities that would allow Jacobson to move forward with facility upgrades in multiple locations.  EMC was also successful in aggressively seeking and obtaining utility incentives to help drive down initial costs.  EMC also provided EPAct documentation support and was able to provide information about the potential value of the tax deduction. 


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The results were significant.  “We have seen energy reductions in the 40% to 50% range and we have actually seen significant increase, as high as 130%, in actual light to the floor, which has a definite safety improvement factor.” said Chris Jermier, Controller-CLS at Jacobson Companies.

The combination of energy savings, rebates and tax incentives resulted in paybacks that were, in most cases under two years.  Some were less than one year.

Several sites including distribution centers in Tracy, CA, Laporte, TX, Des Moine, IA, become locations of interest and were ultimately scheduled for conversions.  Over two million square feet of warehouse space has been converted, and the bottom line savings have been significant and ongoing.

EMC’s ability to help Jacobson Companies prioritize locations based on energy savings, utility rebates and tax incentives allowed Jacobson to realize the greatest payback potential possible on their early projects.  EMC’s efforts to identify the most efficient technologies available and to complete installations quickly allowed each Jacobson facility to begin benefiting from the energy savings and improved lighting immediately while also laying foundation for many more years of energy savings.

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