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Sears NEW.jpgEMC's experience in auditing large distribution centers, coupled with a creative approach to redesigning this Sears facility, resulted in the removal of 30% of the existing fixtures and the installation of more efficient fixtures with motion sensors to maximize energy savings.  This creative solution also resulted in a significant incentive payout from NV Energy.

167 Million kWh Saved to Date


Creative Solution Drives Energy Savings and Incentive Value

Sears®, parent company of Kmart® and Sears, Roebuck and Co. with annual revenues of more than $50 billion, wanted to improve lighting and maximize energy savings at distribution centers across the country.  As the nation’s fourth-largest retailer, the company moves millions of items in and out of their distribution centers en route to their retail outlets.

An Opportunity to Redesign and Optimize

The distribution center located in Sparks, NV, was using nearly a third more fixtures than it required to light the operations.  While the technology was not old by current standards, the existing fixtures were extremely inefficient and much of the light was lost within the fixture.  While the lamps used were first generation T8 lamps, they were less effective than new high output T8 lamps in illuminating the work area. 

The traffic patterns within this building also provided an opportunity to consider the use of sensors to optimize the energy savings and provide light when and where it is needed.  The entire facility is never operating at 100% because of the staged processing, and the need to provide light for operations is, as a result, more focused based on incoming or outgoing product.


Sears - Sparks Before.jpg


Sears - Sparks After.jpg

Audit and Design Success

EMC provided a complete audit and identified several options that focused on reconfiguring the lighting layout with new, more efficient fixtures that provided a greater spread of light.  EMC also recommended installing sensors for all fixtures within the facility.  This provides light when and where it is needed – optimizing operations while driving down the energy costs associated with supporting it.

Leveraging Incentives

The lighting solution installed also presented an opportunity to create a custom rebate for Sears.  The combination of high output T8 lamps, a reduction of nearly 30% of the fixtures, and the installation of sensors made use of both the prescriptive and custom elements of NV Energy’s Sure Bet incentive program.  This maximized the incentive potential for Sears, increasing the incentive by nearly 10 percent to $154,900.  At the time, this was the second largest award in the program’s history.  The energy saved – 4.2 million kilowatt hours per year – is enough electricity to support 467 Northern Nevada households for a year.

EMC’s ability to accurately capture key design opportunities through the audit process and provide alternative technology options laid the foundation for significant savings within this facility.  The installation of sensors on each of the fixtures ensures that the energy savings opportunity is maximized while providing the optimal lighting environment for Sears’ employees within the facility.

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