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EnergyMAXX model - Prioritize circle.jpgThe commercial real estate market continues to be sluggish—giving potential tenants a variety of options.  To set your properties apart, you want them to have attractive, customizable and energy efficient lighting systems.  You know that tenants seek immediate value: lower overall cost-per-square-foot, energy efficiency and enhanced employee productivity.  You want a competitive edge. A lighting investment will address these needs and the base rent flexibility required to get that lease signed.  As your base rent increases, so does your portfolio value and, ultimately, the leverage you have with your bank.

Achieving Your Goals

A comprehensive review of your facilities portfolio will give you a clear understanding of where opportunities exist to enhance your properties' current lighting system and how you can expand your base rent option as a result.

Some Things to Consider

  • Which properties will provide you with the most value from a lighting change?
  • What types of lighting features will bring the most value to tenants?
  • Are you trying to retain or attract a tenant?
  • What types of tenants are you I trying to attract?
  • If retention is your goal, what lighting needs do your current tenant have?
  • Do you need to consider lighting on the interior and exterior of the facility?
  • Should you consider an EMS?

Why EMC?

EMC is experienced in reviewing a wide variety of commercial facility types.  For each assessment we:

  • Evaluate the unique attributes of each facility - inside and out
  • Identify the best opportunities withn your portfolio
  • Provide you with recommendations about how you can achieve the competitive edge you desire - in cost savings, energy efficiency and property value

We provide you with the best lighting solutions available while maintaining our focus on the bottom line goals you have for each lighting project.

Contact Us today to discuss your portfolio of properties and your lighting goals.

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