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EnergyMAXX model - design circle.jpgYou’ve moved quickly to embrace change.  Whether you have relocated your manufacturing operations to a new facility or dramatically reconfigured your retail store, you are now finding that the energy management system (EMS) that controls your facility lighting does not meet your needs.  Isles are poorly lit.  Employees are complaining about the lighting levels within the facility and in their work spaces.  The original commissioning no longer fits the schedule of your business.

Achieving Your Goals

Meeting your operation’s new lighting needs requires an evaluation of your existing EMS system.

Some Things to Consider

  • How efficient is your current EMS system?
  • Can your existing EMS system be easily retro-commissioned?
  • Do you have a complete understanding of your facility’s lighting needs?
  • What sensors or timers are currently in place?
  • Is your EMS system software up to date?
  • Are you getting all of the information out of your EMS system that you need?

Why EMC?

EMC brings the expertise and experience you need to quickly get your EMS system working for you—whether it involves retro-commissioning an existing EMS system or replacing old systems with new controls that offer you greater control and improved energy savings.  Your operations can quickly be up and running in your facility once timers, sensors and varied lighting settings are reprogrammed—ensuring lighting that showcases your products, promotes productivity and aligns with the schedule of your business.

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