Reduce Operational Costs

EnergyMAXX model - Prioritize circle.jpg Your operational costs can, at times, seem unmanageable.  These "fixed" costs continue to grow year after year unless you can find a way to "unfix" them and drive them down without impacting your productivity, sales or customer experience, you will likely run over budget and negatively impact your revenue.

What are your options for “unfixing the fixed costs" within your budget?  

Lighting is Your Best Option

A review of energy use is the perfect place to start.  Often the budget line for energy costs at your site is an expense that carries over from year to year without question.  

Sometimes an anticipated increase in energy costs is captured, but often it is overlooked, and energy budgets for your facilities are negatively impacted unless a change can be made.  A lighting change can be your most cost effective option in addressing this issue.  

What You Should Consider

  • Can you reduce the number of fixtures needed in your facility?  
  • Is there a more efficient lighting solution?  
  • Can controls be used to reduce the load?  
  • Are incentive programs available from local utilities to reduce initial costs?  
  • How will a lighting change impact your bottom line?

Why EMC?

The investment in lighting systems can be high.  It is imperative that the right questions are asked and the right answers are found to optimize your investment.  EMC’s experience with a variety of facility types ensures that we understand which questions to ask and how to prioritize those questions.  We seek to provide you with the best lighting solutions available while maintaining our focus on your bottom line goals.

Unfixing the fixed costs and improving your bottom line starts with the right questions and a collaborative approach to finding solutions that meet all your needs.

Contact Us today to discuss your options in reducing energy related operational costs.

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