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Experience Across Markets

EMC provides support to a wide range of North American customers within several markets.  Our EnergyMAXX model allows us to work across industries while providing the same high level of support and solution development.

Whether you are responsible for a big box retail outlet, a automobile manufacturing plant, a high-volume logistics facility, a high rise office, healthcare facility or a poultry plant, you have a wide range of lighting needs.  Your ability to see well enough to accomplish critical tasks safely while maintaining cycle times that support productivity goals is critical to your success. 

Error Rates Impact Your Bottom Line

High error rates are unacceptable no matter the industry, and studies have shown a direct link between substandard lighting and increased error rates.  *Approximately 85% of human impressions are visual, and without the proper quality and quantity of light, performance within any business activity will be negatively impacted.    Providing the optimal lighting environment for employees within any facility can help drive down error rates, scrap rates and absenteeism.

EMC Can Help

EMC is in the business of understanding your business and its lighting needs.  We work collaboratively with each of our clients to identify areas of need and all viable options to address those needs.

EMC has the experience in identifying and delivering state-of-the-art turnkey solutions in all types of facilities.  Our solutions ensure a high quality of light to support all your facility needs, and the energy savings and incentives to ensure a fast payback.

Contact Us today to discuss your facility, your lighting needs and let us put our extensive experience to work for you.

Your World – Our SolutionsSM 

*source – The Lighting Management Handbook – by Craig DiLouie

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