Optimize Commercial Facility Lighting with EMC Solutions

No matter the type of use of a commercial property, from dedicated office space to mixed use, including small assembly and shipping, lighting often needs to be orchestrated with an energy management system (EMS) and personalized controls. EMC, a national provider of turnkey lighting solutions, designs commercial lighting in the context of your organizational goals, including sustainable and energy-saving initiatives.

EMC understands the range of options today for maximizing efficiency through proper use of fixture or area-specific lighting controls and the integration or re-commissioning of an EMS. Our work begins by learning more about your commercial facility needs and property management concerns. Using our proprietary EnergyMAXXSM process, we identify the most financially beneficial sequence of lighting conversions and EMS options based on geography, energy costs and available incentives.

Flexible commercial lighting solutions

Whether for a single building or a staggered conversion schedule across your facilities, we help prioritize your portfolio of properties by market or region and coordinate site logistics and access needs to fit your business or tenant’s business schedules. With consideration for the highest return through energy savings and incentives, you receive the best solutions for the evolving operational needs within each office space or complex. EMC offers these benefits:

  • Identification of the most cost effective reconfiguration, re-lamping and de-lamping options resulting in optimal lighting environments and energy savings desired
  • Review of technology options for interior and exterior lighting needs that minimize maintenance and maximize savings
  • Designs that incorporate controls and maximize use of ambient lighting from windows, skylights or solar tubes
  • Expertise in identifying lighting options in office environments which require low glare or indirect light sources
  • Determine lighting strategy for commercial locations or enterprisewide for lowest cost of ownership and fast paybacks

Consult with EMC for innovative commercial lighting solutions that drive value. Schedule an audit today.

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