Big Box Retail

Lighting Solutions for Big-Box Retailers from EMC Drives Sales

Poor lighting in the large retail setting negatively affects sales, employee performance and productivity. Effective, attractive lighting at big-box stores does more than light up the shelves; it fuels the bottom line with improved product velocity and customer perceptions, among other benefits. As a provider of turnkey lighting solutions from design to installation, EMC has big-box retailers covered with innovative, cost-effective lighting solutions.

EMC big-box lighting solutions start with our consultative approach to understand the unique needs of each of your stores.  Our unique EnergyMaxxSM process identifies the most financially beneficial sequence of lighting conversions based on geography, energy costs and incentives. With EMC, your stores won't be exposed to loss of operations or sales during installation. Your store management and staff won't be tied up with pesky lighting project activities like logistics, clean-up or recycling and your inventory will be fully protected.

Big-box retailers use EMC for superior lighting solutions 

By working with EMC, a big-box lighting specialist with a proven nationwide success record, big-box retailers benefit by:

  • An experienced provider that helps you prioritize your retail sites for conversion
  • Recommendation and installation of the industry's most reliable products to ensure continuous operation and lighting quality
  • Minimized lamp types by store to reduce the need for inventory of multiple lamp products and associated additional costs in maintenance contracts
  • Low total cost of ownership and fast paybacks
  • Tapping into the negotiating power of EMC to achieve greater incentive values for energy rebates with utility companies

Let EMC guide your lighting conversions and allow your customers to experience big-box retail lighting at its best. Schedule an audit today.

  • Success Stories

    EMC's installations have provided substantial savings for our customers.

  • Products

    EMC's technical team ensures that you can make the best decisions for your facility.

  • Incentives

    EMC's rebate team ensures that customers receive the best incentives available.


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