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Productivity and Employee Safety

Materials need to move quickly through your facility, and your employee's ability to reach peak performance levels while maintaining a safe work environment oftentimes defines your success.

The lighting systems within distribution centers provide illumination that ensures trucks can carefully approach docks, and that employees can safely and efficiently work within trailers while loading or unloading materials.   Your lighting also needs to help you move material quickly, safely and accurately in and out of stock locations and effectively illuminate your office areas.

Fixtures can be difficult to reach and maintain.  They are, at times, in harm’s way as materials are moved in and out of high rack areas.  They need to be durable and efficient while providing the light levels necessary to perform all tasks.

Your facility, while extremely busy, is rarely active in all areas.  You rotate inventory into one section in the morning and out later in the day from another section – leaving lights on in areas that are oftentimes unoccupied for hours.

A conversion project shouldn’t be approached as a simple one-for-one replacement or you risk missing significant opportunities to save additional energy dollars.  EMC has extensive experience within facilities just like yours.  We understand that you are looking for fixture and lamp options that can handle an unconditioned space and still be ready to work when you are.  We can help you identify robust fixtures that will help ensure your operational needs are met while also driving out unnecessary operational costs. 

We also understand that you need us to effectively manage our lifts and materials during installation to avoid impact on cycle times and safety. 

The papers within this section will give you a glimpse into some of the EMC thought leadership within technologies and installation design.

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If you are ready to take the next step toward better lighting within your retail stores, schedule an audit and begin to experience the EMC EnergyMAXX difference.

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