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Production Levels and Safety

Assembly work occurs in several areas and several ways at your facility, and you are constantly moving materials from the warehouse to the front of lines or the final assemblies into the finished goods warehouse.  Your employees need to work efficiently and safely to ensure production levels are met without incident.

Manufacturing processes vary greatly.  However, whether you produce automobiles, casement windows, rolled carpet, charcoal briquettes, microchips or kitty litter, there are a couple of things all manufacturing has in common:

  • The need to see the material within the process
  • The ability to work efficiently and safely in and around those materials and the equipment that is a part of the process

If your employees can’t see what they are doing, error rates climb, scrap rates increase - and inventory can’t keep up with demand and profits decline.

The lighting systems within manufacturing facilities provide illumination that ensures material can be moved from pre-production warehouses, down production lines, onto workstations, into inspection, off to finished goods and onto a truck.  The variation within the lightings requirements across these areas can be significant.  Add the possibility that the production process may be creating particulates or chemicals that require explosion proof fixtures and the possible solutions increase dramatically.

EMC has worked with a wide range of industrial companies and successfully addressed the range of needs within each.  Whether your lighting needs include fixtures that are vapor tight, dust proof, explosion proof or the ability to withstand a 1500 psi wash-down, we can meet your requirements.  Our design team has the experience to address the unique needs of each space with fixture recommendations and layouts that optimize light levels and energy savings potential.

The papers within this section will give you a glimpse into some of the EMC thought leadership within technologies and installation design.

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