Rebates and Incentives

EnergyMAXX model - Incentives circle.jpgUtility rebates and incentives vary from utility to utility, state to state and even within utilities when those utilities cross state boundaries.  Ensuring that the greatest value can be realized when filing for incentives can be challenging.  Add to that the occasional availability of grants, federal stimulus dollars and the stipulations associated with any one of those, and it can become confusing to identify what is needed in order to complete the process and maximize the impact on your up-front costs.

Understanding what to file is only the first step

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Process Steps

  • Pre-inspections
  • Document bundles that include all project details
  • Coordination with inspectors at the site
  • Signatures from key stakeholders
  • Coordination of all aspects prior to and following installation 

A Collaborative Effort

Working together with our utility contacts to ensure a timely completion of all aspects of this process is a key to meeting scheduled start dates for projects and project completion.  When any of these elements are incomplete or delayed, the process can stall and impact project completion.

There are also opportunities to work with and negotiate with utilities under certain circumstances.  There are times that those negotiations can improve rebate and incentive values by as much as 100%.

Managing Expectations

Another key factor in the success of any capital project is ensuring that the project pays for itself in as short a period as possible.  By ensuring an accurate assessment of rebate potential, EMC customers can be comfortable in presenting each capital project, knowing that the payback presented will be achieved – or improved upon.

Bringing it all Together

EMC's turnkey process provides all the support you need to effectively manage and optimize the incentive process.  We take control of the process to minimize your time spent while negotiating for maximum value and coordinating all activities with installation plans to achieve targeted start dates for projects. 

Contact us today to discuss your rebate and incentive needs.

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