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Santa isn’t the only one who should be making a list and checking it twice

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With the end of year rapidly approaching, there are many things that we check off our lists—everything from our Thanksgiving groceries and holiday gifts to hopefully those dreaded New Year’s resolutions! 

The busy season also affects many utilities as they get ready to close one program year and begin the next.Wouldn’t it be nice if incentive programs nationwide ran the same way and had the same deadlines?

Well the unfortunate truth is they don’t and likely never will. This makes now a good time to take a hint from Santa: Start making your list of end-of-year projects and 2015 agenda and check them twice.  

Use these three tips to get started:

1. Check program end dates and final submission deadlines—they can be different. 

In other words, read the fine print. Most utilities run their energy efficiency programs through the calendar year, but this can vary. 

Even when programs run calendar year, many utilities require that final paperwork—including signed applications, invoices, and more are submitted prior to a December 31st deadline. Like the rest of the industry, utilities are busy and need time to close out their program year.  

2. Plan ahead.

With the extra effort spent on closing out the program year, it may take a bit longer than usual for utilities to process pre-approval applications. 

For some of our retail customers, the holiday season means work is halted and often times pushed to January. If this is the case, it is important to plan ahead for projects and make sure you check on program start dates and pre-approval requirements. 

It may be that you cannot even apply for the next program year until it begins in January. Or it may mean that you have to wait a little longer to get an approval. The bottom line: plan ahead for these projects and engage your utility reps early, so they are aware of any applications that may need to be processed in an expedited manner. If you are working with a incentive processing partner, you should expect that they will guide you through this process.

3. Check for program changes.

The end of one program year and the beginning of a new year means that a program may be a bit different, or even drastically different. 

Don’t expect all 2014 incentives to carry through to the new program year. As technology advances, utilities re-evaluate their incentives to make sure they are incenting the appropriate technologies at the appropriate value. 

EMC can provide guidance in this process, and ensure you realize the full value and benefit of incentive and rebate dollars.  

By making your lists and checking them twice you are well positioned to end up with a rebate check in your stocking rather than a lump of coal!

Katie Quam is Energy Management Collaborative’ s Manager of Customer Incentives. In this role she utilizes her knowledge of incentive programs nationwide to expedite the application process and secure maximum incentive dollars for EMC customers. 

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