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EMC Recognized by Southern California Edison

A rapidly approaching retail holiday season. Cutting edge, but unrated lighting products. Complex Public Utility Commission review processes. These were just some of the challenges EMC and utility partner Southern California Edison (SCE) overcame to successfully deliver lighting retrofit projects for three nationwide retail customers in southern California.

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EMC Unveils Lighting Solutions & Efficiency Research at EEI

At EMC, we take industry leadership seriously. That’s why we conducted a market study designed to help us better understand our customers' current needs and anticipate their future requirements.

We examined key industry topics, including the current age, type and state of lighting systems as well as service and maintenance trends. Initial findings were shared at the 2013 Edison Electrical Institute (EEI) National Key Accounts Workshop at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

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Service: Finding the Best of the Best at NALMCO 2013

EMC is committed to providing nationwide service at the local level with the highest level of professionalism and technical expertise. That’s why we looked to the interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO) for qualified professionals for our expanding service business. 

At NALMCO’s October 2013 Convention, we found ourselves in the midst of a number of excellent potential partners. NALMCO membership represents, “an unparalleled combination of lighting quality, expertise and trust.” 

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EMC Marks 1 Billion kWh Savings

Equivalent to shutting down an average US coal plant for 105 days, the carbon equivalencies achieved through the lighting projects completed for EMC customers is impressive.

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Focus on New England

Sustainability is gaining momentum and achieving significant results. Two key drivers include the buying public’s demand for products produced by carbon-footprint conscious “green companies” and tax incentives that initiate long-term structural changes in the market while yielding immediate results.

Sustainability successes include the Northeast, where New England states averted a planned $260 million grid upgrade. These states expect to reduce energy use by 1% a year from 2015-2021 as a result of their energy efficiency efforts—saving the amount of power it takes to supply 2 million average homes for a month.

EMC’s Results

Since 2003, hundreds of EMC projects involving 35 utility partners contributed to this success in New England. As a result, these states enjoy annual savings of $14 million to date and a daily reduction of 121,000 kWh. That’s 162 million pounds of carbon removed from the atmosphere—the equivalent of 6,000 fewer cars on the road each year.

Immediate Impacts

Whether the motivation is bottom line savings, environmental impact or social responsibility, lighting is typically the best and fastest way to ensure a positive impact. In New England, simply swapping out inefficient incandescent light bulbs zeroed out any growth in average annual power use expected in the next decade.

Lighting retrofits are also a core element of the proposed Commercial Building Modernization Act, which would provide incentives for buildings that produce energy savings of 20% or more.

EMC's experience providing a wide range of turnkey lighting solutions across North America and Colombia provides the foundation for success you need to achieve your goals.

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