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Tonka Cycle and Ski.jpgEMC worked with Tonka Cycle and Ski through several iterations of the fixture and design options before landing on the most cost effective and energy efficient option.

"I was very glad we chose EMC to help us with our lighting.  It was one of the better decisions that I have made."


Iterative Design Provided Results 

Tonka Cycle and Ski, located in Hopkins, MN, is a family focused bike, ski and snowboard shop that has been serving the Twin Cities area since 1990.  Their recent move to a new location provided owner, Steve Phyle, with an opportunity to start from scratch.  The new space was a complete build-out, but Steve wanted to preserve the warm neighborhood feeling his customers had come to know and enjoy.  His “green” approach to the move resulted in a reuse of many materials from the original store.

Finding the Right Solution

Lighting was a critical component of the new space.  There were several key and distinct areas which required individual lighting consideration but also needed to fit the overall flow of the store and customer experience.

  • Accents on the floor displays
  • Bikes, skis and clothing placed at various heights on walls
  • Service and sales desk areas
  • Repair center benches and materials

EMC came into the picture as Steve was considering his lighting options for each of these areas.  Steve wanted a lighting solution that would support customer and staff needs in each of these areas, but also wanted to minimize the energy used by the fixtures that were installed.

EMC’s design team and product selection options proved up to the task in both assessing and designing for the needs of the multi-purpose space, and in identifying fixtures and components that were both economical and energy efficient.

Bike Repair


Ski Racks


Meeting Sales and Operational Needs

Steve said, “EMC provided me with several options that allowed me to achieve a nice airy well lit feel at an affordable price.  I really appreciated the many helpful suggestions that I received from EMC, and the results have been well received by our customers.  My staff really appreciates the better lighting, and my customers have commented on how well lit the store is.  And, I am very pleased with the final results.”

Steve Phyle, Owner, Tonka Cycle and Ski

The EMC solution for the sales floor saved 115 watts per fixture over originally specified products, and reduced the number of fixtures required by 5%.  The spot lights selected were from GE - Constant Color, an new line that drives the light needed to the product while saving over 50% of the energy used by standard spot lights.

Steve went on to say, "The folks at EMC did a great job helping us pick the fixtures that would do what we were looking for at a reasonable cost.  They helped us figure out the lighting plan so we would have even lighting and even helped us determine which lamps to use for good color as we sell a lot of clothing."

"I was very glad we chose EMC to help us with our lighting, it was one of the better decisions that I have made."

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